domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010


Hi ! Do you enjoy taking photographs? what about getting some money ? Then if you have a digital camera and you are good at this, you are a lucky boy or girl.
Webmasters and bloggers needs pictures without copyright and they usually buy them. Where ? I know two webs where buy and sell your photos ( only if you have the ownership ).
One of them is FOTOLIA , a very serious site. And the other one is ANDALUCIAIMAGEN . Don´t worry, both of them are written in many different languages, in english and spanish of course.


Another interesting thing about those webs: you can get money by your friends if you invite them to be your "invited friends".
The pictures they are looking for are very usually: food, drink, make up, many things you have at hove or in the country. They must be suitable for webmasters and have, at least, 4 Mpixels.
Banco de imágenes >
If you are interesting in be my invited friend, please, use the links i upped to this post.
Regards from Spain :)